Member Organizations/Board of Directors/Board Meetings
Currently, the Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) has two members - the Town of Williamston and Martin County, which represents Water & Sewer District 1 (WSD 1) and Water & Sewer District 2 (WSD 2). WSD 1 and WSD 2 are two stand-alone entities.
The MCRWASA Board of Directors includes:
Martin County Representatives Town of Williamston Representatives
  • U. James Bennett, Chairman
  • Julius Patrick
  • Dempsy Bond, Jr., Alternate
  • Al Chesson, Vice-Chairman
  • Stacy Stalls
  • William Coffield, Alternate.
The MCRWASA Board of Directors regularly meeting schedule will be the 4th Thursday of January, March, May, July, and September, and the Thursday following the 4th Thursday in November at 3:00 p.m. at the Water Treatment Plant, 1001 Park St., Williamston, NC  27892.
Board of Directors Agenda/Minutes:
Date Agenda Minutes
05 /27 /2021 Agenda Minutes
04 /22 /2021 Agenda Minutes
03 /25 /2021 Agenda Minutes
01 /28 /2021 Agenda Minutes
01 /12 /2021 Agenda Minutes